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Invisible aligners

iDentityClinic recommends invisible aligners   

New digital technologies have radically changed stomatology and orthodontics. We commonly use 3D imaging, digital scanners for dental impression and state-of-the-art bio-compatible materials.

Orthodontics’ objectives are both aesthetical and functional. From a functional point of view, the dentist looks for achieving a perfect closure of the mouth as well as a correct bite. From the aesthetical perspective, the doctor is looking to correct the teeth alignment, for a healthy and happy smile. The orthodontic treatments are more efficient if done during childhood or adolescence. However, there is no age limit for a successful orthodontic intervention and people in their forties and fifties can achieve the smile they longed for.

 iDentity Clinic recommends Invisalign

iDentityClinic successfully uses Invisalign, one most efficient orthodontic procedures. Invisalign intervention consists from wearing successive transparent aligners. Made of a special SmartTrack material, Invisalign aligners fits snugly around the teeth. As the material is very thin, transparent, and very comfortable to wear no one would even think that you were an aligner.

 Four steps for the Invisalign

Using a 3D dental impression scanner and some of the most powerful dental imagery software iDentityClinc doctors make sure that the Invisalign aligners insure outstanding results for children, teenagers and adult patients alike. The procedure is made of several important steps

First step is a precise diagnostic and treatment plan. The iDentityClinic orthodontist will use our high-definition low-radiation X-rays images together with several intra and extra-oral photos and carry on an occlusal analysis.

Second step is taking a precise dental impression using our 3D digital scanner. The digital tridimensional image allows the orthodontist to have a correct assessment of the occlusion and to approximate how many aligners one should wear in order to obtain that perfect smile.

Third step is to make the first aligner. The digital impression allows the dental technician to build a perfect aligner. Then, the orthodontist will mount the first aligner making sure that it fits well and comfortable.

The fourth step is subsequent change of the aligners. Every Invisalign aligner will be worn for 3-4 weeks in order to let the straightening forces to work. Every time the aligner is changed, the doctor will take a new 3D impression in order to assess the new alignment and to order a new aligner. These operations will be performed until the end of the treatment.

 Why Invisalign?

There are several reasons why iDentityClinic recommends Invisalign.

  1. Invisalign aligners are transparent so there is hard for one to see that you wear them  are
  2. Invisalign aligners are comfortable: there are no tension springs or brackets;
  3. Invisalign aligners can be removed during meals, you can eat practically anything, you just have to wash your teeth properly and floss after;
  4. Invisalign aligners allows a proper and complete oral hygiene care;
  5. Due to the new 3D digital dental image technologies the end results can be visualized from the very beginning.

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