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    With air purifiers for a 100% sterile environment
  • Save up to 70%

    Save up to 70% on Dental Work!

  • Inhalosedation

    Sedation & Relaxation Device

  • Laser Tehnology

    Soft tissue, Whitening, Pain Therapy LLLT

  • Dental Radiography

    Low radiation Rx equipment

Meet Our Team

Pascu Raluca

Pascu Raluca, MD

Senior Dentist, Orthodontics and ODF specialist
Doctoral Candidate
Mihai Delia – Minodora

Mihai Delia – Minodora, MD

Specialist in Prosthodontics
Nica Mihnea

Nica Mihnea, MD

Specialist in Implantology
Ioana Dinu

Ioana Dinu, MD

Dentist certificated in Endodontics
Andrei Gobej

Andrei Gobej, MD

Specialist in Periodontics
Laura Jentimir

Laura Jentimir, MD

Specialist in Pedodontics
Ruxandra Pitulice

Ruxandra Pitulice

Nicoleta Profir

Nicoleta Profir

Cristina Priseceanu

Cristina Priseceanu

Cornelia Călina Șanta

Cornelia Călina Șanta

Assistant Manager

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Santander, Spain

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